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We Build Dreams

Kintner Modular Home Designs

From our ranch style homes to our two-story modular homes, Kintner offers modular home floor plans to meet every taste and budget.

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Standard and Custom Modular Home Designs

Modular Home Floor Plans

We feature several styles of quality modular home floor plans including ranch, two-story and capes/chalets available for your land.

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Custom Built to Complement Your Style

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Kintner Modular Homes, Inc. is a modular home builder in NEPA specializing in both custom modular homes and turn key modular houses.

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Kintner New Homes and Additions

Customized For You

At Kintner, we make sure our homes include all the essentials for your new home. We offer packages so you can customize your home and make it the perfect house for you.

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Custom Modular Home Builder Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Home Builder

Modular homes can reduce construction time by more than 35 percent, getting you into your new home faster so you can enjoy it longer.

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Custom Modular Home Builder New York

New York Home Builder

We offer a wide variety of modular home floor plans, including Ranch Homes, Cape Cods and Two-Story Homes, just to name a few.

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Many Different Mantel Styles

Custom Fireplace Designs

Let us design that custom fireplace that's exactly the one you've been dreaming about for years. Your imagination and budget are the only limits when designing your custom fireplace.

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