The Top 10 Prefab Home Trends of 2019

Prefab homes are a popular trend in the world of home construction these days. They’ve actually been around for years, but they are gaining in popularity for many reasons. There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a prefab home and more and more homeowners are turning to prefab homes for these reasons. Prefab homes are quicker and easier to construct than stick homes, which means that move-in dates can be quicker for homeowners, and honestly, who wouldn’t want to hear you get to move into your new home sooner rather than later? Another benefit of a prefab home is the eco-friendliness of prefab homes. Because the majority of a prefab home is built in a factory, then shipped directly to the site it will be put up, there is not only less waste produced during the construction process, but there is less disturbance of the environment where the house is set up. Beyond these benefits, prefab homes are trending in other various ways today, and some of the latest trends are pretty cool. Here are the top ten trends for prefab homes in 2019, and we think you’ll think they’re pretty cool too.

Country Style – Prefab Home Trends

The look of a country home will stop you in your tracks to admire its quaintness and welcoming features. Country style homes are most often thought of being primarily in the country, however, now that everyone seems to want a piece of the serenity lifestyle, you can now find country style homes just about anywhere, and with prefab homes on the rise, getting your own country style home set in your very own pick of the city and state you live in can be possible, though rural areas are still the most popular for this style of home. Country style prefab homes are trending big this year and you can have that country look on the inside that is so widely popular, with the big, centralized open kitchen that opens to the main living area so you can be a part of the family from wherever you are. Another, Prefab Home Trends is a big front porches are a common feature for country style homes, a tradition that allows for families to gather and enjoy sunrises and sunsets together.

Prefab Home Trends

Open Floor Plans and New Trends

One of the newest prefab home trends is the open floor plan. Open floor plans are great for families and for those who love to entertain. The open flow of the rooms makes it easy to go from room-to-room easily without the constriction of walls and doors to block off, and isolate spaces. Families love this style of home for the sheer fact that they can get the feeling of togetherness while being in different areas of the living space. And moms get to easily watch the kids play in the living room while she’s got dinner on the stove.

Prefab Home TrendsIf you love the look of an open floor plan home but don’t want to spend a fortune on a home, you can find beautiful prefab homes that offer the same looks and features of stick homes without spending a bundle. Open floor plans are trending in prefab homes today.

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