Are you looking for a custom home builders NEPA, we guide you from the early stages of construction to the completion of your dream home. Custom built modular homes are not to be confused with a mobile home or a trailer! What are Custom Built Modular Homes? Modular homes are residences built in a climate-controlled factory in sections, or modules, and then are transported to your building site. There, Kintner Modular Homes installs them on a permanent foundations and then all the finishing work is completed by professional tradesmen and tradeswomen by Kintner HomesBut there’s more to like about modular homes! All frame-work is done in jigs so every corner is precise and square. In the time it takes to get the financing of the project complete, the foundation can be installed and your home ordered and ready to be set. It is very possible to be in your new home in 8 to 12 weeks!

Custom Home Builders NEPA

Custom Home Builders NEPA

During the building process, State inspectors come to the factory for regular inspections of your new modular home in its different stages of construction, the same as a site-built home. In addition to our custom built modular homes being built indoors (out of the weather), it’s built using 25% more lumber (engineered to be stronger for transportation) and is more energy efficient.

Our Affordable custom home builders NEPA with our modern touches extend beyond just a basic floor plan to offer you a hands-on role in designing your next home. Modular home buyers can customize any Kintner Modular layout by adding additional living space or a bedroom as well as alternate kitchen designs and many other great amenities. Available selections vary depending upon the model you choose.

Finally, the fact that modular homes are constructed in a factory means that things like insulation, flooring and sealants can be applied in areas typically not accessible to traditional site-built homes, like in the walls, around pipes,  under counters and electrical outlets in outside walls. If modular home companies in your area are what you’re looking for over traditional or stick built home companies then you found one of the best.

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Above all, our focus is on providing Pennsylvania and New York customers with quality modular homes and professional services before, during and after their purchase. From pre-construction planning through our in-house service department, ease and comfort is achieved by our talented team members. The entire team is committed to building a better house and enhancing your building experience. You are not just buying a house; you are buying a Kintner Modular Homes, Inc.

We are one of the best, Custom Home Builders NEPA in your area.

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