Some wives may not believe it, but having a man cave can make their husbands feel rejuvenated.

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You and your husband will feel great after he spends some quality time inside his own personal space. So what are you waiting for? Call Kintner Modular Homes Today, to get building that man-cave!

But seriously, every man needs his own space. A special part of your humble abode designated and designed only for men. I am a father and being a dad can be stressful sometimes. But sometimes, it’s a good idea to take a break from it all and just hide away even if it’s just for a few hours. Good thing there is what we call a “man cave”. Our shelter and getaway within our home.

Man Cave

I consider my garage as my own man-cave, packed with my tools and kits for the various DIY projects for men that I carry out every now and then. But each man would have different needs. Some would pack their caves with furniture and a mini-bar. Others would just place a couch and a TV and a mini fridge. So how would you go about with planning your own man-cave?

Your Own Man Cave – A Man’s Special Hideaway Inside The House

If you’re going to ask me, having a man cave is a must. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a dad to my kids and nothing can surpass that feeling, but sometimes you just need to have a time and place for yourself. A place where you can relax, unwind and watch a UFC fight or a baseball game, or where you and your buddies can play cards, smoke cigars, or just to talk.

Endless Customization at Kintner Modular Homes. Contrary to popular misconception, modular homes do not all look alike. At Kintner Modular Homes we have no design limitations or preconceived recommendations, we allow you the homeowner, endless customization options with all our modular home floor plans. You can do endless customization with any style of modular home you wish, whether you want a traditional center-hall colonial or a Mediterranean. You can add any style of window or architectural detail that you desire.

At Kintner we make sure our homes include all the essentials for your new home. We offer packages so you can customize your home and make it the perfect house for you. From the very early stages of construction and permitting to the tiniest interior details, to service on your home years after it’s built, at Kintner Homes, we are the complete package.

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