Comparing modular home construction prices can have more to do with the type of modular home you want than who is going to construct it. There is no simple answer when it comes to giving a price for a new modular home. There are so many variables to take into consideration when building a modular home. These variables include: the builder package you pick; the location of your homes building lot; set costs; delivery fees, floor plan size, type of modular home, and the options and upgrades to your modular home you select. In addition to these items, site built and supplied items will also factor into a modular home’s price. If you want a deck, garage, carport or a custom bath tub and shower, these will all influence the price of your modular prefab house.

Compare Modular Home Construction Prices

Modular Home Construction Prices

Modular Home Construction Prices and Specifications – Every builder like Kintner and factory has their own construction specifications. Make sure to ask your builder or dealer for a list of their standard specs. In addition to Kintner having standard specs, you will have your own desires on how your modular home is built. The better the building specs, the higher the price, in most cases.

  • Construction Options – These options include: roof pitch; reverse gables; bump outs; porch roofs; clear spans, ceiling heights and other desired options that will need to be priced out. The construction options influence the price of the modular home.
  • Interior Finishes – Modular home factories provide standard interior finishes. Include in the price of the modular home: lighting fixtures; kitchen and bath cabinets; faucet; bathroom fixers; flooring; trim and more. In addition to standard offerings, modular home factories offer a large assortment of standard upgrades and allow you to pick custom options. Your selections will influence the modular home price.
  • Exterior Options – Just like interior finishes, modular home factories offer standard finishes and a wide range of exterior finish options. If you decide to order standard options offered byt the factory, the price for the modular home is modified again.

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