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Chalet Floor Plans Modular

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Chalet Floor Plans originated in the Alps and can be distinguished by their exposed structural beams called half-timbering that are both structural and also serve as a great decorative look. Chalet Floor Plans gained popularity in the mid-19th century throughout the United States, borrowing from a romantic ideal of contemporary Swiss architecture. The roof of a chalet is low-pitched…

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Vacation Modular Home

We Build Vacation Modular Home at Kintner

We Will Build Your Vacation Modular Home at a Great Price In Pennsylvania and New York a Vacation Modular Home like the Chalet Modular Home from Kintner Modular Homes are gaining in popularity. A Chalets Vacation Modular Home is sometimes a privately owned vacation home that the owners visit two to three times per year and rent the Chalet…

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