Whether you’re looking for a new modular home setup or considering rebuilding a house that has been destroyed by a fire, flood or winds, Kintner Modular Homes can provide you with efficient and timely solutions.

Modular homes offer a convenient and quick option for those who want to have a new home on their land in less time then traditional construction methods. With our dedicated team at Kintner Homes, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible, whether you desire a cozy cape, two-story ranch or a spacious family estate.

If your existing home has been destroyed due to natural disasters or other unfortunate events, our team is ready to assist you in rebuilding. We understand the emotional and practical challenges that come with such situations and strive to provide support throughout the reconstruction process.

Considering Rebuilding?

Considering rebuilding

Considering rebuilding a house that has been destroyed by a fire, flood or winds?

At Kintner Homes, we combine quality craftsmanship with customizable design options to help you create the dream home you envision. Our modular homes are built in controlled factory settings, ensuring precision and efficiency. This streamlined approach allows us to deliver exceptional results in a shorter time frame compared to traditional construction methods.

Whether you are starting from scratch with a brand new modular home or rebuilding after devastation, Kintner Modular Homes is committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your housing goals efficiently and effectively.

Our construction process involves building various modules off-site in a controlled environment. This ensures precision and eliminates weather-related delays often associated with on-site construction. Additionally, our custom modular homes are constructed using advanced building techniques and high-quality materials. This results in a structurally sound and energy-efficient home that can withstand the test of time.