Are you tired of searching for your dream home builder without any luck? Look no further than Kintner Modular Homes! This new year, turn your dreams into reality with the help of the expert team at Kintner Modular Homes. As a leading modular home builder in Northeastern PA, Kintner Modular Homes specializes in creating custom modular homes tailored to your unique vision.

Searching For Your Dream Home?

Searching For Your Dream Home?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a modular home from Kintner is that each home is meticulously crafted using top-grade materials and advanced building techniques. This ensures not only exceptional durability but also longevity for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

What sets Kintner Homes apart from the traditional home builders is our ability to offer customizable designs. With their innovative approach, we can create a home that perfectly reflects your style, needs, and preferences. Whether you desire an open floor plan, bold architectural features, or energy-efficient green solutions, the team at Kintner Modular Homes will bring your vision to life.

In addition to the flexibility and design options offered by modular homes, there are also significant cost savings associated with building a modular home compared to traditional construction methods. By utilizing efficient manufacturing processes and economies of scale, Kintner Homes can provide high-quality homes at competitive prices.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your dream home. Choose Kintner Modular Homes this new year and experience the benefits of a customized modular home built with care and precision. Let them transform your vision into a reality that exceeds all expectations. Contact us today to start planning for the home you’ve always dreamed of!

Prior to getting started we want you, our potential client, to know that when we quote you a price, it includes “absolutely everything“. There will never be any hidden fees when dealing with us, “never”. As in none. Goose egg. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada. We Promise!

Searching For Your Dream Home?

Searching For Your Dream Home

50+ Years

One of the many advantages of choosing Kintner Homes is the cost savings associated with building a modular home. Our efficient construction process allows for reduced labor and material costs, making it an affordable option compared to traditional stick-built homes. But don’t let the cost savings fool you – our modular homes are built with the utmost quality and attention to detail.

Searching For Your Dream Home? Don’t settle for a standard cookie-cutter house when you can have a custom modular home from Kintner Modular Homes. Let Kintner guide you through every step of the way, from designing your dream layout to selecting personalized finishes. Start this new year off right by turning your dreams into reality with Kintner Modular Homes – where quality meets customization!

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