Modular homes and the modular home prices are what today’s home buyer is looking for. Modular homes or Prefab homes have become the construction method of choice for the quality of the home, the speed of construction and the cost to build the home for the conscious house buyer. The best built modular homes are better built than the vast majority of stick-built or on-site built homes. Modular homes offer better materials, state-of-the-art construction, superior finish quality, and the time and money savings you’ll get by building a modular home.

Modular Home Prices

The Best Modular Home Prices

And don’t forget by building a modular home you will gain all of the above benefits without sacrificing overall home design, customization or in home amenities.

What Impacts Modular Home Prices?

  • Square Footage – The cost of a modular house depends mostly on its size. The bigger you design your modular home, the bigger the price tag will be. You should compare the floor plans to make sure they are a good match for you and your land and the design does not have areas you will not use.
  • Modular Home Style – You should also know that the modular home style you choose will impact the final price of your modular home. For example, a one story 2,500 sq. ft. ranch modular home will require twice the amount of land and foundation compared to a 2,500 sq. ft. two story modular home.
  • Labor Cost – Much of the work on a modular home is done in the factory, but there is still a considerable amount of onsite work needed to complete your modular home. When comparing price quotes you want to make sure you know the difference between a base price quote vs a finished price quote. Kintner modular home will walk you through the modular home prices.
  • Energy Efficiency – Many but not all modular homes are built to have high energy efficiency. If you build your new home with energy efficient materials and appliances then this means lower utility costs for the lifetime of the house. Two identical looking homes can have very different prices if one has more energy efficiency built into it then the other home.
  • Customization – The more custom changes you would like the higher the price will be. The most affordable modular home floor plans often have standard building specifications. If you want marble counter tops that will impact the price of your home. You should discuss upgrades and customization options with Kintner modular homes so you know how exactly this will impacting your total price.

Modular Home Prices

At Kintner Modular Homes, we make sure our homes include all the essentials for your new home. We offer packages so you can customize your home and make it the perfect house for you. From the very early stages of construction and permitting to the tiniest of interior details, to service on your home years after it’s built, at Kintner Homes, we are the complete package.

Modular Home Prices QuoteAbove all, our focus is on providing Pennsylvania and New York customers with quality modular homes and professional services before, during and after their purchase. From pre-construction planning through our in-house service department, ease and comfort is achieved by our talented team members. The entire team is committed to building a better house and enhancing your building experience. You are not just buying a house; you are buying a Kintner Modular Homes.

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