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Modular Home Building Strength

Modular Home Dealer Pa

Modular home building strength can be better then stick built homes in most cases. Modular homes are designed to be stronger than traditional homes, for example, replacing nails with screws, adding glue to joints, and using about 10% more lumber than conventional stick built homes. This extra strength added to your modular home is to help your modular home…

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Prefabricated Homes

A Kintner Modular Home

Prefabricated refer to buildings built in components or modules also known as modular homes with transportable sections. There are many types of floor plans, as well as many custom modular home plans. At Kintner we feature several styles of quality modular home floor plans including floor plans for, ranch homes, two-story homes, capes/chalets style homes and log cabin modular homes…

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