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Custom Homes Built on Your Lot

Two-Story Style Modular Home

Custom Homes Built on Your Lot buy Kintner Homes our staff of experienced in-house designers will help you bring the custom home you envision to reality, ensuring that your home meets your needs now and for many years to come. Every Kintner Modular Home is constructed with innovative design elements and quality, name-brand products. Plus, with the ability to…

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Modular Construction Revealed

modular construction

The Truth Behind Modular Construction Revealed February 25, 2015 Justin Brown, Times Leader From selecting floor plans and features, modular construction, to saving time and money, constructing a modular home promotes its share of advantages. Allegations have surfaced over the years to discredit the efficiency of modular construction; alleging modular buildings depreciate in value, are cheaply made and they’re…

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