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Modular Home Pricing by Kintner

We design beautiful Wrap Around Porches

Kintner Modular Homes has the BEST Modular Home Pricing in town. Kintner Modular Homes is a family-owned company that manufactures and installs modular homes and buildings. We provide home and administrative buildings, doctor’s and law offices, porches, garages and ranch style home. Kintner Modular Homes also offers concrete, poured and precast basement, windows, coupolas and ramps. Kintner Homes provides…

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Modular Homes Floor Plans PA

Looking for Modular homes floor plans PA? Kintner modular homes offer remarkable value along with many different modular homes floor plans. With more than 40 years’ experience, you’ll find our commitment to excellence in every module, nail and carpet fiber and in every one of our modular homes floor plans. Our modular homes are professionally engineered and built by skilled craftsmen and…

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Supreme Modular Home Prices

Building In Spring

Honestly, it is simple for some builders to cut corners and therefore reduce costs when they build your house. At Kintner modular homes we offer supreme modular home prices while ensuring the highest quality on your modular home and at a great prices. Kintner Modular Homes is a family-owned company that manufactures and installs modular homes and buildings. We…

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Home Builders of Modular Homes

Prefab Home Trends

Kintner Home Builders is a builder of custom modular homes built by a quality modular home builder, then you’re in the right place. We feature several styles of quality modular home floor plans including ranch, two-story, capes/chalets and log homes available for your land. Our floor plans are fully customizable to fit your specific needs. Kintner Modular Homes, Inc. is a great choice if you’re looking to purchase your first home,…

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Traditional Ranch Style Home Plans

Buying a New Modular Home

Are you looking for Traditional Ranch Style Home Plans? Kintner Modular Homes is a modular home builder in Pennsylvania and New York specializing in both custom modular homes and turn key modular houses. We work to provide affordable, quality modular homes to the Poconos, Honesdale, Scranton, Bloomsburg, Hazelton, Stroudsburg, Tunkhannock, Wilkes-Barre and the rest of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Bradford County, Carbon County, Columbia County, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Monroe County, Montour…

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Protecting The Workplace – COVID-19

Compare Modular Home Construction Prices

COVID-19: Protecting The Workplace at Kintner Modular Homes to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak at the workplace, worksite and our place of business. We also visited the CDC, and OSHA websites under the “Helpful Resources” section, where you will find the latest and most update information, including a link to OSHA’s detailed guidance on “Preparing Workplaces for…

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Modular Homes Pa Builder

Looking for a modular homes pa builder, if you are Kintner Modular Homes, Inc., is your modular home builder. We guide you from the early stages of construction to the completion of your dream home. With almost a half a century of experience, you can take comfort in letting Kintner Modular Homes, Inc. coordinate your project. Modular homes offer…

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Modular Homes are Not Mobile Homes

What Impacts Modular Home Prices?

Modular Homes are Not Mobile Homes – The key difference between prefab homes and traditional houses is that modular houses start out as individual sections that are constructed in a factory. The finished section are transported to your selected building site and then assembled together using giant cranes. The assembly process looks a little like building with Lego blocks…

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