Our Story


It was 1972 when, with the winds of economic change sweeping across eastern Pennsylvania, we first grasped the need for quality, affordable housing in the area. A combination of high property taxes and spiraling operating costs were threatening our farm and our way of life. Fred Kintner watched with interest as an influx of homebuyers from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia began to populate the area.

So, he planned a subdivision to capitalize on our largest asset as farmers – land. With the idea of building a handful of spec homes, Fred borrowed against the family farm for capital and worked with local stick builder to make it happen.

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Choosing modular

After the first two spec houses, we could see a pattern developing – inconsistent quality, inconsistent timing and inconsistent pricing. That is when Fred began looking at modular construction, which allowed Fred to eliminate all three problems for the company and his homeowners.

With the real estate market heating up, we were intent on providing a turnkey package that was both fast and affordable. We decided on Superior Builders line from Muncy Homes (Muncy, PA), and formed Kintner Modular Homes, Inc.

As a full service, start-to-finish builder in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, Kintner Homes passed from Fred’s hands to his sons, Jeff and Ed Kintner. His son, Jeff Kintner, currently owns the company.

Through the years, one aspect of the home-buying process has separated Kintner Homes from the rest – ease and comfort.

From pre-construction planning through our in-house service department, ease and comfort is achieved by our talented team members. The entire team is committed to building a better house and enhancing your building experience. You are not just buying a house but rather a Kintner Home.



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